Wednesday, October 20, 2010

American Diabetes Association

Hi Friends & Family. Diabetes is a disease that affects many of us in some way shape or form. I have found myself lucky that my friends and my family who have diabetes have lived very manageable normal lives because of the wonderful achievements found through diabetic research. Please support me on this Sunday's Ste...p Out: walk to fight diabetes!

There is not such thing as a small donation. Every dollar helps and every thought, prayer and dime is appreciated.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craft Sale (overdue)

The craft sale was basically unsuccessful.  I don't know if it was because we didn't let people know enough, because the weather was rainy and cool, or if it was just because no one liked my stuff.  I don't mind.  It just reminds me that I'm doing this because I enjoy making items.  I enjoy giving them away.  I enjoy wearing them.  Selling them would definitely help fund some of the yarn I purchase and give more purpose to projects I do with no idea whom to give them to... but oh well.

Here are some photos of hats I made the week or 2 before the fair to try and bulk up my inventory.  I really liked many of them.

I think they came out good.  I ended up keeping the larger of the browns and blue one above.  I liked it so I wore it on a rainy day.  Now that one is mine.

Here are some pictures of my display at the fair itself.

I thought it looked great!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Craft Sale Flier

Today is the craft sale

Today is the fall craft sale and I'm really excited!  I have been making a ton of beanies and I hope people love them.  I definitely worked my hiney off for this sale and I hope people find that the designs are comfortable and fashionable.  We shall see!

Friday, September 24, 2010

More Beanies!

After thinking the craft fair would be yesterday... I was rushing to get beanies out.  Lets face it... I planned on trying to display afghans, scarves, dolls, handbags and mittens ... but I don't have much of all that... what I do have... is beanies!  They are faster to make, I love them... and hopefully they sell.

Here are a few I did in the last two weeks and I'll continue to get things done until this coming Thursday... the rescheduled date of the craft fair!

This is a just barely white hat and scarf set with a little pattern on the edge

This is a fun lavender with metalic fuzzy hat with detachable flower.  Check out the yarn below.

 Here is a fun blue saggy beanie... great for the cold winter months!

 Here is a super soft and cozy warm hat... I love this color combo!
 And here is what I'm working on tonight... with this sky blue bulky yarn... it's sure to make a nice classic beanie!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soap Fun

Last night I decided it was time I made some soap with my new fun scents and colors.  Using Bramble Berry's Energy scent, I made a layered square bar and a lavender & white marbled bar. 

Here they are in the mold on a rack cooling

This is the finished layered bar.

This is the finished lavender marbled bar.

Both of these bars are made with the Energy Scent.  Their description on the site is:   
Energy:A stimulating blend of Citrus, including Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime, with hints of fresh Cucumber and Jasmine, and a touch of Pineapple, Blackberry and Champagne. Energy is an exciting mix that's perfect for spring and summer.
I also used a sample they had sent of the Spiced Mahogany.  I think I went overboard on the fragrance so it's a bit strong.  Their description on the site is:
Spiced Mahogany: This deep, rich woody scent has notes of Italian Bergamot, Apple Wood and Tonka Bean to round out the darker, more sensuous Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Oakmoss. To keep this fragrance from smelling like a freshly cut wood floor, we've added spices of Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon and allspice. Because of the Vanilla, this fragrance will discolor your soap but the resulting fragrance is one of sophistication and verve.
Hopefully we find a use for it.  It's so cute in it's snowflake shape.  Paul doesn't like it too much.  He thinks the snowflake is corny.

I also re-purposed the original bars we made as testers.  We didn't put in enough fragrance and they had an almost glycerin smell.  Since it was our 1st try and we were still trying to get the ratios correct.  I remelted them and added a little blue mica which made the color even richer.  Then I added a bit more White Tea and Ginger Fragrance which is by far my favorite.  Take a look at the site's description:
White Tea and Ginger (BBW Type): - This fragrance has a delightful warm and comforting smell. With top notes of Bergamot, Lemon Peels and Green Daylilies, this fragrance is brought back to its roots with a base of Ginger, Nutmeg and Warm Musk. White floral notes, such as Hyacinth, Freesia and Peony complete the mix. This fragrance is unique in many ways and it is difficult to pick out individual notes when you smell the soothing blend.

 I love making soap... I think I'll have to add this to my list of hobbies.  I'm still experimenting with different smells and looks and I'll continue to do so.  It's a lot of fun. 

I think that our guests will really enjoy a homemade bar as a favor for our wedding.  I definitely know the scent and Paul wants to stick to a solid color but the layered bar is so pretty!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Craft Sale Inventory

I've been crocheting like crazy in order to increase my inventory for the upcoming craft sale.  Check out the stuff!

I love the colors in this bag... the turquoise and red are so pretty together and if it's not for you - the flower is removable

This peach bag is so simply feminine and again the flower embellishment is removable.

This bag was the 1st I made.  I love it and it's plum interior

I made this plain but then decided it needed some pizazz so I added this shell like flap to the front.  I love it.  It has a dainty pink lining interior.

This black clutch is simple with a pink zebra like printed ribbon running throughout.  It's fun and has a glittery pink skull lining.

This hat is cute and fun and warm!  I can do it in any combination of colors so if you are interested please contact me!

These simple and soft white hats are so comfortable and classic.  I may need to make one for myself! 



 This black hat is basic... its sized for a child of about 2 or 3 years\=.

 This turquoise hat is fun and flirty... it has a cute scalloped edge.

This read hat is fun and flirty with it's shell edging.